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TBC Classic: Upper limits for buffs and debuffs In WoW Classic, it's been a big issue across all phases: Players can only use a limited number of buffs at a time before each new buff overwrites the oldest effect. The cap on buffs is 32, and there's also a maximum cap on debuff effects on an enemy, even as low as 16 debuffs. ... Spell hit chance.

2020. 1. 26. · The TBC buff foods that require at least 325 Cooking are: Spicy Crawdad – Requires 350 (30 Stamina, Spirit) Recipe is sold by Rungor (H) at Stonebreaker Hold, Terokkar Forest and Innkeeper Biribi (A) at Allerian Stronghold, Terokkar Forest; Crunchy Serpent –. Food Fantasy has nearly 80 Food</b> Souls players can unlock, with more arriving in the near future.

Each spec shines with their own strengths and weaknesses. Frost Mages got a significant buff compared to Classic. The newly added talents, such as Icy Veins, Summon Water Elemental or Empowered Frostbolt make Frost a very competitive PvE spec in the start of TBC, especially with the ability to use Icy Veins and Water Elemental twice in a row.

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The spell hit mechanic has been confirmed by Blizzard CM Eyonix. [1] Base chance to hit is based on level difference between caster and target, starting at 96% for equal levels, and going up or down from there, capping at a maximum 100%. Furthermore, the chance to hit is different for mobs (PvE) and player (PvP) targets. Poached Bluefish grants you 23 Spell Power and 20 Spirit. This is your Food buff. Blackened Basilisk provides the same stats as previous food, 23 Spell Power and 20 Spirit. This is another option of food buff. Crunchy Serpent provides the same stats as previous foods, 23 Spell Power and 20 Spirit. This is another option of food buff.

May 18, 2021 · Welcome to my all in one TBC Classic Warlock Suite! After selecting your talents you will either need to /reload or enter the WA menu through /wa in game for the aura to recognize your new talent setup - This suite is meant to be used for levels....

Food: Blackened Basilisk, Crunchy Serpent or Poached Bluefish (All are +23 Spell Dmg, +20 Spirit) Potions: Destruction Potion or Super Mana Potion. Extras: Flame Caps - Increases Fire Spell Damage by 80 for 1 minute (Puts Mana Gem on cooldown) Brilliant Wizard Oil or Superior Wizard Oil.

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